Amy Stapleton, Dave Kemp, and Pete Haas Discuss The Best of the First 100 Episodes – Voicebot Podcast Ep 105

There have been so many rich insights offered by Voicebot Podcast guests that I wanted to figure out a simple way to unlock a few of those nuggets in case you missed the episodes. I also wanted to hear some discussion among dedicated and erudite listeners about what was said by past guests and what they thought mattered most.

With 100 episodes to choose from, we narrowed it down by asking listeners to let me know their favorite episodes and why. Our panelists also weighed in and by my count, we discussed at least 23 episodes. Amy Stapleton of Tellables, Pete Haas from Conversation Curve, and Dave Kemp from Oaktree join me on the 100 episode retrospective. What a long, fruitful trip it’s been. Hear comments about episodes that included Adam Cheyer, Ron Croen, Cathy Pearl, Dave Isbitski, Lisa Falkson, Karen Kaushansky, Vijay Balasubramanian, Brad Abrams, and many more.

Show Notes – Best of 100 Voicebot Podcast Episode Review

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