Audrey Arbeeny of Audiobrain Talks Sonic Branding and the Rise of Voice – Voicebot Podcast Ep. 100

Audrey Arbeeny is an Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer and Creative Director that is also the founder of Audiobrain, a leading sonic branding agency. Sonic branding is brand strategy and production based on sound. In Audiobrain’s model, sonic branding includes strategy, original composition, sound design, audio identities, music supervision and licensing, research and usability, voice casting, education, UI design and more. Audrey founded the company 16 years ago after many years as a senior producer at Elias Arts where she started the sound branding division. Since 2008, she has been a visiting professor at the Pratt Institute and teaches the only sonic branding course in the nation. Audrey has also been the music supervisor for past 9 Olympic Broadcasts by NBC.

Show Notes – Audrey Arbeeny Interview

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