Marco Iacono COO of Viv and VP of Mobile R&D for Samsung Bixby Talks Voice Assistant Design and Launch – Voicebot Podcast Ep 98

Marco Iacono is COO and at Viv Labs and a VP of mobile R&D product management at Samsung. Viv Labs is the Samsung acquisition that gave us Bixby 2.0 that was introduced last summer with the Galaxy Note 9 Launch. Marco was previously an Engineering Project Manager for Siri at Apple for iOS, CarPlay and Apple Watch. Earlier in his career, Marco worked at PwC and he started off out of school as a Java Engineer at Dulcian. Marco earned a BS in Computer Science from Syracuse University where he is currently a member of the advisory board for the Dept of Electrical Engineering.

He is the only person that has served in product leadership roles for the launch of two of the five leading consumer voice assistants in the market today. Marco discusses voice assistant design and launch as well as what he learned from his time leading product for Siri that informs his approach for Bixby today. He also talks about how he first started programming in high school and auditing a college class in database design along with his early career in big data analytics and design thinking that preceded the move into voice technology.

Show Notes – Marco Iacono Interview

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