20 Google Assistant Actions to Try


If you or someone you know has received a smart speaker for the first time, or even if you are experienced in the world of voice assistants, you might be looking for things to do with your voice assistant. Here is a list of 20 Actions you should try out to get the most out of Google Assistant. I start with the basics and move on to more elaborate Actions.

1) Google Assistant Can Unlock Your Pixel Phone

If you are a user of a Pixel phone, you can bypass using a PIN code or fingerprint method to unlock your phone. Go to Google Assistant settings -> OK Google Detection ->Trusted Voice to allow Google Assistant’s voice command to unlock your phone.

2) Open Applications of Your Phone with Google Assistant

Google Assistant can open applications on your phone just with a voice command, even third-party ones. Just say, “OK Google, open Gmail.”

3) Use Voice Commands to Set Up Actions

Users do not need to download anything to start using a Google Assistant Action. In fact, they can set up actions with voice commands. For example, users can say, “Hey Google, talk to EarPlay,” and the voice application will begin.

4) Hands-Free Calling

One of the most popular Actions on Google Assistant is hands-free calling. With a 4.4 rating, hands-free calling allows users to make calls to anyone on their contact list via voice commands. The Action also allows users to contact millions of businesses. Calls appear as unlisted to others and are free to the U.S. and Canada. Emergency calls such as 911 are not supported.

5) Google Search

With a 4.6 rating, using your Google Assistant to search the web seems like the most practical application of a voice assistant to most users. This is an application that really shows off Google’s search engine abilities; Google is the most widely used search engine for a reason. Try asking anything, Here’s an example: “Hey Google, what is the speed of a coyote?”

6) Google Maps

Google Assistant has been optimized to include integration with Google Maps. Check out Voicebot’s coverage of the update here. Hands-free navigation while driving and all the general functionality of Google Assistant on mobile is possible with Google Maps. Go ahead and ask for directions to your Holiday getaway, ask Google Assistant to start playing your favorite Spotify playlist, and ask how fast Coyotes run. Yes, navigation is the core feature but entertainment and search are also enabled.

7) Star Horoscope

Whether you are a skeptic or a diehard believer of astrology, it can be fun to engage with. Star Horoscope is an Action that lets users talk to Zora, an AI reader, about their relationships, career, finances, health, and more. Zora will take your sun sign into an account and give you advice based on your preference over time, too. Try it out by asking for your horoscope.

8) Indian Mobile Number Locator

Calls from an unknown number can be frustrating, especially if they turn out to be spam. This Action will find the location of where a call is coming from and the telecom operator of the number. Available worldwide, just tell Google Assistant the 10-digit mobile number, without country code, to the Indian Mobile Number Locator, and it will give you details about the unknown caller. For example, “Ask Indian Mobile Number Locator to check…” Of course, this will work best, if you are in India.

9) TechTonic Trivia

Feeling a bit rusty on your technical terminology? Perhaps you are just interested in seeing what you know. TechTonic Trivia helps you with your technical terminology by providing a platform to test your knowledge. Try it out with “Talk to TechTonic Trivia.”

10) Lizard Spock

Engage Google Assistant in a game of rock, paper, scissors, with the Lizard Spock Action. Try saying, “I want to speak to Lizard Spock about a challenge.”

11) Haikus

A fun game to engage Google Assistant with is to ask it for a haiku.

12) Stock Announcer

Get the current stock price, just ask by the stock ticker symbol or company name. This Action is available wherever Google Assistant is available. Try it out with a phrase like, “Ask Stock Announcer to give me the stock price for…”

13) Random Dad Joke

Everyone either has that Dad or knows that Dad, who is constantly trying to make lite of anything and everything, most often with terrible puns. If you are ever missing that perspective, or are eager to watch those around you cringe, try out Random Dad Joke to hear a random Dad joke. With over 700 ratings and 4.1 average, don’t pass up on the opportunity to start a series of groans by everyone in the room.

14) Music

Did you know that Google Assistant is partnered with Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, and more? Users can connect their accounts for supported services to not only play music on their various Google smart speaker devices but can also use voice commands for playback.

15) Night Light

This app will turn on the light from a Google Home Hub or phone just enough to see around for a switch or locate your phone in the dark, and then play a lullaby that is about a minute long. With a 4.4 rating and 1,694 users, Night Light could easily become a part of your routine when putting kids to bed. Having the skill accessible both on Google’s smart display, and phone application, is a nice touch too, because it allows users to use the application on foot. The app goes where the user goes.

16) Weather

A simple but immensely useful Google Action is the Weather app. Users can ask to hear the local weather and upcoming forecast for any location. One of the most widely used Actions, the Weather app has over 30,000 users and a 4.6 average rating.

17) Google Subscriptions

Keeping track of all these Actions can become somewhat of a headache – they add up quickly. One way to help with that is to sign up for Subscriptions. Users can sign up to receive content they find useful or fun, when they need it. An example would be Google Assistant sending you a daily notification with the weather forecast, the latest news, your stock update, etc. Say, “Send me the weather every morning” or “Tell me a joke every day.”

18) Routines

Routines are another way to help users keep track of multiple Actions. You can pre-program Assistant to perform specific tasks when you say certain commands. Google even has ready-made routines that cover common scenarios.

  1. The Good Morning Routine will turn on any connected smart lights, provide a daily briefing, tell you the weather, play music, and more when prompted by “Good Morning,” “Tell me about your day,” or “I’m up.”
  2. This routine will turn off any connected smart lights, brief you about your upcoming day, set a morning alarm, and more. It is prompted by phrases, “Bedtime,” and “Good night.” The other premade routines available are the Leaving Home, Commuting Home, I’m Home, and Commuting to Work routines. Custom routines are available too. To create a custom routine, go to the Google Home app -> More Settings -> Routines -> + ‘custom command’ -> select Actions.

19) Where’s Santa

Google Assistant will help users track Santa with the Where’s Santa Action while he is delivering presents around the world. Available on the Google Home, Android 5.0+ phones, iOS 10.0+ devices, and Smart Displays, Where’s Santa can be used in classrooms, on the go, or at home.

20) Company Specific Actions

Companies of all kinds are more and more aware of the opportunity voice assistants provide. Eager to be included in the voice space, many have developed Actions for Google Assistant. Popular companies with Google Actions include Starbucks, which lets users place an order via voice commands, 1-800-Flowers, which lets users order flowers, and Citi, allowing users to get advice on how to smartly save and spend their money.

The development of voice assistants is an incredible feat of humanity, and we at Voicebot.ai hope that this list helped users both new and old learn a bit more about  what Google Assistant can do. As they say, “Make Google do it.”

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