Nick Schwab of Invoked Apps Talks Alexa Skill Product Strategy – Voicebot Podcast Ep 58

Nick Schwab founded Invoked apps after building his first three Alexa skills in 2016. Within six months he had more sounds and was streaming 1 TB of data per day. Fifteen months later he has 41 sound skills plus a couple of games like Deal or No Deal on both Alexa and Google Assistant that collectively generate 18 TB of streaming data each day. Invoked Apps also has the distinction of publishing the Alexa skill with the most user reviews, Ambient Sounds: Thunderstorm Sounds. That skill has over 13,700 user reviews at an average rating of 4.9 stars. When comparing total user reviews, Invoked Apps has 3 of the top 5 Alexa skills and 6 of the top 20.

In the interview, Nick discusses the product strategy behind single invocation skills and aggregation skills and how he has had to take a different approach on Google Assistant. He also discusses his experience in 2017 with Alexa skill cross promotion and advertising and the current Amazon rewards program. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Voicebot listeners always like it when voice app publishers share actual data and Nick is very open. There is a lot to learn about the state of Alexa skills today and how the system works differently on Amazon and Google.

Nick makes a return visit to Voicebot 15 months after our original interview for Voicebot Podcast Episode 2. We catch up on how things have changed and what he has learned. The interview was conducted onsite at Voice Summit.

Show Notes – Nick Schwab Interview

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