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Invoked Apps Passes 1 Million Unique Alexa Users

Invoked Apps is widely known as a leading Alexa developer and today revealed to Voicebot that it surpassed 1 million unique users in mid-December and that figure climbed to 1.8 million users by the beginning of January. Across 4o Alexa skills, Invoked apps peaked at 211,745 daily users on December 25th.

Company founder Nick Schwab said that his Alexa skills are delivering 40 terabytes of audio daily and commented on the milestones from December:

I think this represents the massive market share Alexa has in the voice assistant space, visualizes Alexa’s holiday sales dominance, and proves that third-party voice-first developers can create substantial value in the ecosystem.

Humble Beginnings

Invoked Apps is known in Alexa developer circles as the ambient noise empire. Nick Schwab launched his first Alexa skill in March 2016. It is called Bargain Buddy and continues to provide daily deal updates to users. Schwab said it only garners about 20 users per day, “but creating it was an invaluable learning experience on the road to becoming an Alexa skill developer.” In fact, he developed and launched the skill before he even owned an Echo device. However, Invoked Apps’ current success really took off after Schwab launched the Rain Sounds Alexa skill.

Our first ambient noise Skill, Rain Sounds, launched October 14, 2016 and was the first of its kind in the Alexa Skill Store. Today, we offer 40 different ambient sounds to help people sleep, relax, focus, and meditate, but Rain Sounds continues to be one of our top performers with over 25k users per day.

Schwab would not confirm Invoked Apps revenue from the Alexa skills, but other developers suggested to Voicebot that it may be thousands of dollars monthly. Everyone now knows that a lot of Amazon Alexa devices have been sold. However, there has been little data available on consumer usage of custom Alexa skills. Invoked Apps is showing that consumers are using Alexa skills and doing it in large numbers.

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