Google Assistant Developer Panel with Jochen Emig of Onsei and Michael Myers of XAPPmedia – Voicebot Podcast Ep. 43

This week’s episode is all about Google Assistant. Experienced Google Assistant developers Jochen Emig, CTO of ONSEI, and Michael Myers, Chief Product Officer of XAPPmedia, discuss the most important features added to the platform over the past year and react to the new announcements from Google I/O.

Jochen Emig is CTO and co-founder of ONSEI. He joined us from San Francisco while attending the annual Google I/O developer conference. Jochen became involved in voice by winning a hackathon for IBM Watson in 2016 and that led his co-founding ONSEI. The company is known for several transportation apps such as for the transit authority in Berlin and Car2Go. He has worked with Blinkist in the media space and large auto makers to bring them to Google and Alexa. Michael Myers is co-founder and Chief Product Officer of XAPPmedia and started out in voice in 2013 building the first voice interactive audio ads for mobile streaming services. He has led a team that has built more than 900 voice apps for brands and media, including Bravo Tango brain training for National Geographic which recently won a Webby Award in the machine learning category.

We talk Action Links, Monetization, Continued Conversation, Dialogflow, Google Duplex and much more. Our guests even weigh in on differences from Alexa. Don’t miss this episode. There is a lot of depth here from people on the front lines. ONSEI and XAPPmedia work with some of the biggest brands, media and transportation companies in the world. Jochen and Michael share what they have learned along the way.

Show Notes – Google Assistant Developer Panel

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