Alexa Developer Panel with Octavio Menocal and Eric Olson – Voicebot Podcast Episode 39

Amazon has added a lot of features to Alexa Skills Kit over the past year. Voicebot asked two of the most experienced Alexa developers to weigh in on some of the biggest feature additions. Octavio Menocal has developed over 70 Alexa skills both personally and with RAIN Agency. Eric Olson is an Alexa Champion who built some of the first popular Alexa skills and has worked closely with the Alexa developer evangelist team. We discuss the intent history API, notifications, location, lists, video play directives, one shot utterances, multi-modal development, duplicate invocation names and more. The panel discussion is filled with insights from two developers that have been on the front lines of Alexa skill development since 2015.

Show Notes – Alexa Developer Panel

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