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Generative AI Meeting Bot Platform Raises $10M

Generative AI meeting assistant startup has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Ridge Ventures. offers companies a universal API for creating generative AI bots that can monitor and offer support to users on a range of meeting platforms.

Recall Meetings AI pitches its platform as a way to shortcut the development and deployment of generative AI bots for meetings. The company simplifies the integration process for non-technical employees to deploy meeting bots within days to manage the complex, real-time video infrastructure. The AI can pull up information from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack Huddles, and Google Meet, among others. The data can then be used to customize bots not only for trasncribing or summarizing meetings, but other apps to help manage daily employee activities or coach them on sales.

“Conversations are the world’s largest dataset,” co-founder David Gu explained. “Large language models continue to unlock conversations in exciting ways, and the demand for developers to capture this data has never been higher. Every SaaS company in the world should be using conversations as a data source. Recall’s unified API makes it as easy as possible.”

Gu and co-founder Amanda Zhu launched out of the Y Combinator startup accelerator. The new funding round brings’s total funding to more than $12 million after a $2.7 million seed round at the end of 2022. claims more than 300 companies as clients and to have processed many millions of hours of video meeting data. The startup also just inked a deal with Zoom to launch an official Meeting Bot Starter Kit, which provides users with transcripts and summaries of meetings in near-real time.

There’s an enormous demand for generative AI tools that can integrate with meeting services. Read AI recently raised $21 million, while Otter has rapidly adopted generative AI, including creating the Meeting GenAI service, which can access a company’s entire meeting history to answer questions, generate content, and identify key information through a new generative AI chatbot. Similarly, though now partnering with, Slack has its own set of generative AI tools for summarizing long threads, recapping events in a channel, and pulling key moments out for users to see. The AI can also perform personalized searches and even answer questions using the information in a Slack hub

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