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Anthropic Taps Instagram Co-Founder for Chief Product Officer to Expand Enterprise Generative AI Services

Generative AI startup Anthropic has hired Instagram co-founder and former chief technology officer Mike Krieger its first chief product officer. Bringing Krieger on board is a significant move for Anthropic as it begins to pursue enterprise applications for its Claude suite of large language models (LLMs) with the launch of the Claude Teams subscription plan earlier this month.

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Krieger’s move to Anthropic comes after the shutdown in January of Artifact, an AI-powered news feed startup he launched with Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom a year earlier. Artifact was designed to personalize news distribution by using machine learning and generative AI to tailor content to user preferences, summarize stories, and even read them aloud with a deepfake voice clone. Shortly after its closure, Yahoo acquired Artifact, planning to integrate its AI personalization technology across its various platforms.

According to Anthropic, Krieger’s new role will involve leading the creation and management of new products. That will include consumer-facing ideas, but Krieger also has a mandate from Anthropic’s leadership to build up new services and tools for businesses interested in deploying generative AI applications.

“The team at Anthropic is exceptional, and I felt at home from my first conversations with them,” Krieger said in a post on X (formerly Twitter). “Anthropic’s research continues to be at the forefront of AI. When paired with thoughtful product development, I [see] tons of potential to positively impact how people and companies get their work done. And as a two time entrepreneur, I’m particularly excited by how Claude, along with the right scaffolding and product features, can empower more people to innovate at a faster pace and at a lower cost.”

Anthropic’s enterprise strategy right now is mainly the Claude Team service. A subscription costs $30 per user per month with a five-user minimum and provides an extra-premium version of Claude, even beyond Claude Pro’s $20-a-month subscription service for individuals. Team subscribers get all of the Pro benefits plus more access, specialized models, and an enormous 200,000-token context window. The Team plan also offers administrative tools for user and billing management, aiming to reduce overhead for organizations while easing the onboarding process. Now, Anthropic can leverage Krieger’s expertise in product innovation and user experience to iterate and expand from that initial concept rapidly.

“Mike is a world-class engineer, builder, and leader,” Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei explained in a statement. “Mike’s background in developing intuitive products and user experiences will be invaluable as we create new ways for people to interact with Claude, particularly in the workplace. We feel fortunate to add Mike’s vision and expertise to our leadership team.”

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