Google Gems

Google Unveils Gemini ‘Gem’ Custom Generative AI Chatbots to Rival OpenAI’s GPT Store

Google introduced a rival to OpenAI’s GPT Store for building and using custom generative AI chatbots at this year’s Google I/O. The new ‘Gems’  can tailor the Gemini large language model (LLM) to meet the interests and preferences of developers.

Gemini Gems

Gems are a way for developers to adapt Gemini AI and add distinct personalities and specialized skills. Users can craft a generative AI chatbot that can handle an array of roles depending on how they phrase the prompt behind the chatbot. Google suggested int Gems might help users write a novel, pland and cook a meal, or even code a new mobile app.

“You can create any Gem you dream up: a gym buddy, sous chef, coding partner or creative writing guide. They’re easy to set up, too,” Google Assistant and Gemini Experiences vice president Sissie Hsiao explained in a blog post. “Simply describe what you want your Gem to do and how you want it to respond — like “you’re my running coach, give me a daily running plan and be positive, upbeat and motivating.” Gemini will take those instructions and, with one click, enhance them to create a Gem that meets your specific needs.”

The company clearly hopes this level of customization will encourage the production of chatbots reflecting individual focuses and characteristics. The “Gems” feature will soon be available to subscribers of Gemini Advanced. Along with the obvious comparison to OpenAI and the GPT Store, Google’s focus on personality for the Gems suggests it might be leveraged for more imaginative purposes, like mimicking a fictional character to interact with a la and other AI digital personality hubs.


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