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Meta Gives Advertisers a Generative AI Production Suite

Meta is rolling out new generative AI tools for designing and running advertising campaigns, including new options for creating images and text. The upgraded features aim to give businesses more control and flexibility when employing generative AI models in their marketing strategies.

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Meta’s new offerings include the option to create variations on images based on an original example. The AI tool can automatically create different scenic backgrounds for products, moving them to any appropriate setting that enhances their appeal without needing extensive graphic design resources. The AI can also adjust images to fit various advertising formats across Meta platforms, including the ability to overlay text in several popular fonts.

Ad language is also getting a generative AI boost with a new feature for writing ad copy, including headlines and longer pitches. Meta crafted the feature based on feedback from clients who expressed interest in more variation in the way they encourage interest in their products. The new features share a lot with what Meta’s rivals are offering advertisers. For instance, Google Product Studio includes generative AI image and copywriting tools, while advertisers with Amazon create synthetic images to use in ads on the e-commerce giant’s website.

“Now, our text generation feature creates variations for the ad headline, in addition to the primary text. And we are currently testing the ability for the generated text to reflect your brand’s voice and tone, by highlighting key selling points based on your previous campaigns and text input,” Meta explained in its announcement. “This feature will soon be built with Meta Llama 3, the next generation of our large language models, which will enable new capabilities and enhance ad performance. We’ve begun rolling out these updated generative AI features and aim to make them available globally by the end of the year.”

Meta has also consolidated all of its advertising tools, AI-fueled and otherwise, under the Advantage+ banner. Advertisers can access and utilize the generative AI features within the Advantage+ creative suite in Ads Manager. This consolidation aims to streamline the ad creation process, enabling faster deployment and potentially higher returns on ad spend. These include optimizations for video ads, which are now tailored for vertical viewing on mobile devices, and the newly enhanced catalog ads. The latter now supports dynamic video content, allowing advertisers to showcase their products through customer demonstrations or branded videos, making their online catalogs more interactive and engaging.


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