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Grok AI Starts Summarizing News for X Stories Feature

X (formerly Twitter) has introduced a new feature that leverages AI technology to summarize trending stories for its users by leveraging the Grok generative AI model created by and powering the eponymous chatbot on the social media platform. The Stories feature is pitched as a way for the platform to streamline news consumption by providing concise summaries of the news stories trending in its Explore section.

Grok Stories

The Stories feature is available to X Premium subscribers and offers a succinct overview of the news at the top of the For You tab written by Grok. Stories appear to be part of X’s strategy to enhance content accessibility and engagement without the need for users to scroll extensively through their timelines. For example, a user interested in sports might see summaries related to upcoming tournaments or news related to specific teams and players. Elon Musk has described his vision of employing AI to collect and summarize what people are saying on X about a trending story rather than just what the article says. The potential impact on the accuracy of the AI-generated summary might not make that a good idea, however. Notably, the summaries crafted by Grok come with a disclaimer about potential hallucinations.

The feature means the manual addition of headlines and descriptions to some trending stories on the social media platform can be replaced by an automated system that extends to every single trending topic. Whether the snarkiness highlighted by Musk when introducing Grok will apply to the news headlines isn’t clear as of yet. has moved rapidly to catch up and try to beat out other generative AI model developers in a relatively short time. The company only just debuted the Grok-1.5 model and the Grok-1.5V multi-modal model, as well as making Grok-1 open-source, albeit not the fine-tuning and training data used on the model.

Debates over the shape or even existence of news online are currently raging with regard to generative AI. There’s a steady stream of both partnerships and fights between media companies and generative AI developers. OpenAI has cut deals with The FT, as well as Axel Springer, the Associated Press, Le Monde, and others. The company also faces lawsuits from publishers like The New York Times and more who claims OpenAI is using copyrighted material without authorization.

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