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Amazon Music Introduces ‘Maestro’ Generative AI Playlist Builder

Amazon Music has released a generative AI playlist creator  named Maestro. The new feature curates a selection of songs inspired by text and emoji prompts submitted by users, and has arrived barely a week after Spotify debuted its own generative AI playlist tool with similar abilities.

Amazon Maestro

Maestro offers a fairly flexible prompt window. The AI will interpret words, sounds, emojis, and more into playlists. It will even give them a playful title connected to the prompt. For instance, “make my 👶 a genius” would build a playlist of tracks designed to stimulate a baby’s cognitive development, while “😭 and eating 🍝” produces a collection of songs suitable for a melancholic pasta night called ‘cacio e pepe + tears.’ Amazon Music listed other examples like “Myspace era hip-hop,” “🏜️🌵🤠” (evoking a western or cowboy vibe), “Music my grandparents made out to,” and “🎤🚿🧼” (which might yield a playlist of shower-themed songs).

“Feel like listening to songs that sound like 🤖? Maestro’s got you. Within seconds, you’ll be able to admire your use of emojis to evoke the perfect songs, and get a unique-to-you playlist that brings a selection of electronic and robot-like tracks to life,” Amazon explained in its announcement. “All that’s left to do is listen to what you created, save it, share it with friends to listen, and they can create their own to share back.”

Amazon didn’t say what model is used for Maestro. It could be the proprietary Amazon LLM Titan or any of its partners on Bedrock. The company was quick to caution that Maestro is still in its early stages and may not always produce perfect results initially, however. Amazon Music also implemented systems to block offensive language and inappropriate prompts proactively. Maestro is currently in beta and available to a limited number of U.S. customers across all Amazon Music tiers. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to their playlists instantly and save them for later, while Prime members and ad-supported customers can listen to 30-second previews before saving.

Though the interface isn’t precisely the same, Maestro and Spotify’s AI Playlist are very similar in terms of what they do and how they perform. Amazon’s generative AI strategy has seemed quieter than what Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft are doing, but Maestro points to a broader plan to incorporate the technology in every other aspect of Amazon’s business. Maestro fits with Rufus, Amazon’s AI shopping assistant, and Alexa’s generative AI upgrade.

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