Amazon DJ Mode

Amazon Music’s New DJ Mode Adds Celebrity Commentary and Alexa Trivia to Streaming Playlists

Amazon Music has introduced a new DJ Mode that augments select streaming stations with additional content that makes them a bit like a radio show. The stations will play Alexa-provided trivia about the music and commentary from experts and artists, starting with Billie Eilish hosting The Billie Eilish Takeover.

DJ Alexa

The first stations with DJ Mode besides Eilish are Rap Rotation, Country Heat, and All Hits. Each has a DJ hosting a curated arrangement of songs, personalized to the listener. The DJs will update the playlist, adding songs and recording new commentary and stories and making the experience different every time someone listens. The Billie Eilish Takeover has a similar approach, but with a much more personal discussion by Eilish about the inspiration and process of writing and performing the songs. Eilish’s station is only available for a limited time though, tied to the release of her upcoming album, “Happier Than Ever”. Eilish is also performing as part of Amazon’s Prime Day Show.

“We’re continuing to revolutionize how listeners experience music, and with DJ Mode we’re combining the best of streaming and traditional radio,” Amazon Music vice president Steve Boom said in a statement. “With DJ Mode, fans can stream music selected just for them, while enjoying the personality of DJ-hosted radio. We’re also delighted that Billie Eilish is behind our first-ever artist-led DJ Mode experience, which gives fans access to her musical tastes and storytelling, hosted by one of the most innovative artists in the world.”

Musical Plans

Amazon Music has been rolling out new features as streaming services become increasingly competitive. Last year, Amazon added free podcast feeds, bringing native support for podcasts to Amazon devices. More recently, the service started livestreaming from Twitch and selling merchandise directly from its app. DJ Mode seems like a potential competitor for Spotify’s social audio platform Greenroom, formerly known as Locker Room, or Discord’s new Stage Channels, which are showcasing a variety of celebrity shows.

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