Adobe Rolls Out Acrobat Acrobat AI Assistant to Explain Documents to Users

Adobe has released its Acrobat AI Assistant to all users after a few months of beta testing. The generative AI aide is built around reducing the time needed to sort through long documents and understand what’s within them through a conversation with the AI.

Acrobat AI Assistant

The Acrobat AI assistant is available through Adobe Acrobat Reader or a paid Acrobat subscription. The assistant can parse long documents and answer questions about them, summarize the content, recommend topics to ask about the document and provide citations as needed. The citations are to reassure users that the sources of the AI’s responses are verifiable, and the AI provides clickable links to navigate directly to relevant sections within documents. Consolidated information from the document can also be adjusted to suit different formats, like emails, presentations, reports, and blog posts.

The AI assistant is available in English for desktop and web versions of Acrobat, with subscriptions starting at $4.99 per month. A free mobile version for iOS and Android is also available in beta, offering voice command capabilities for interacting with the assistant. Adobe has also integrated the AI assistant into web extensions for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, allowing users to summarize and understand PDFs directly from their web searches without leaving the browser.

“We are excited to see customers using AI Assistant in new and creative ways to get more productive — including leveraging the features with their tax documents,” Adobe Document Cloud senior vice president Abhigyan Modi explained in a blog post. “Whether you’re in one of the many Americans who will be filing their taxes late, a small business owner trying to navigate new regulations for their industry, a project manager who needs to summarize and share information from a huge research paper with their team, a student doing research for a term paper or just someone who needs to find the terms of the warranty for a new refrigerator — Acrobat AI Assistant can help everyone spend less time searching and more time learning.”

Firefly Flow

Adobe has been quick to adopt generative AI in the last year and is working on enhancements to the AI Assistant, like copywriting and editing tools. That fits with the strategy underlying Adobe’s Firefly portfolio of synthetic media models and tools usable in Photoshop and other Adobe products. The company has regularly upgraded and expanded that toolkit, augmenting video, presentations, and website building with large language models (LLMs). Firefly is also targeted toward a wide range of enterprises.

That includes the recent Firefly Services and Custom Model tools. Firefly Services is a collection of about 20 new generative AI APIs for creative workers, including tools for resizing assets across different channels, generating custom backgrounds for merchandising and e-commerce, and replacing scenery and languages for localization. Meanwhile, Custom Models enables enterprises to train and customize their own generative AI models according to their unique requirements. Designed for ease of use and maintenance, these custom models can be shared organization-wide to ensure brand consistency across creative and marketing teams.

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