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Humane Starts Shipping $700 Generative AI Pin

Generative AI device startup Humane has officially begun shipping the Ai Pin (branded with lower-case ‘i’). The AIi Pin’s prototype sparked a huge rush of interest and $230 million in investment for Humane, which may make devices a major new facet for generative AI businesses.

Pin AI

Priced at $699, the Ai Pin is always cloud-connected and is controlled by voice commands and a touchpad. It also offers object recognition, gestures, and its ‘Laser Ink Display,’ which projects information directly onto the user’s palm. The device employs the company’s Cosmos operating system, whcih uses a mix of large language models (LLMs), choosing the most suitable platform for specific task via its Ai Bus system. Humane built the Pin to do quite a lot. There are search and messaging functions, including a Catch Me Up feature to filter through emails, as well as music experiences powered by a partnership with the Tidal streaming service, a multilingual translator and a visual food identification and health guide.

The standard Ai Pin package includes the device itself, an additional battery, and an AI charging case. Premium color options are available starting at $799. Humane also offers a range of accessories priced from $29 to $49. Additionally, there’s a subscription service for $24 per month, but in a promotional gesture, Humane is offering three months free with every Ai Pin purchase. The device is equipped with a magnetic connection between the main computer and a battery booster, facilitating wireless power through clothing and allowing continuous use by letting users swap the battery booster without interruption.

“Big thanks for all the reviewer feedback on our Ai Pin. It’s been a wild ride from launch to now, and hearing from you all is super valuable. The team appreciates the good vibes on the hardware and the potential it’s unlocking. But, we totally get it — there’s room to make things even better,” Humane wrote in a post on X. “We’re all ears on how we can up our game, especially with the Cosmos OS. Your insights are gold, guiding us to tweak and improve, making Ai Pin better for daily use.”

Generative Devices

While generative AI has largely centered around software and applications linked to existing hardware but that’s changing. Humane, founded in 2017 by former Apple developers, is arguably the most prominent of the burgeoning generative AI device space, along with Rabbit and its R1 handheld powered by Perplexity. Meanwhile, production company 1stAveMachine and AI developer SpecialGuestX created the 1stAI Machine to employ tools created by synthetic media startup Runway to video edit professional-looking films through generative AI creations.

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