First Generative AI Video Editing Device ‘1stAI Machine’ Debuts

Production company 1stAveMachine and AI developer SpecialGuestX have created the first hardware for generative AI-powered video editing, aptly named the 1stAI Machine. The new device leverages tools created by synthetic media startup Runway to video edit professional-looking films through generative AI creations.

1stAI Machine Movies

The 1stAI Machine looks like a desktop video editor, but instead of pulling together footage shot or drawn by people, the device guides users through selecting storyboard images to animate based on uploaded images. Right now, that includes several classic films like “Star Wars,” “Titanic,” and “The Godfather.” After uploading a sequence of still frames, the AI generates an animated black-and-white animatic to establish initial pacing and scene composition. The device then incorporates a video style chosen by the user, like Nordic Noir or Futuristic, and integrates a chosen soundtrack for a complete, 30-second short film. The predefined aesthetic filters aim to provide dynamic visual variety. The creators envision the 1stAI Machine pioneering more seamless human-AI collaboration in filmmaking. While current AI-generated video contains imperfections, they see it as a stepping stone to reducing editing friction and expanding creative possibilities.

“As of today, GEN-AIs are capable of generating hyper-realistic photos that are nearly indistinguishable from reality. However, videos are still in an earlier stage and far from perfect,” SpecialGuestX explained in a post for the demo above. “Currently, the generated videos may contain errors and inconsistencies. However, given the rapid progress that GEN-AIs have made in recent months, we anticipate that the quality of videos will soon match that of photos. At that point, anyone will be able to create movies without the need for a camera, lights, or actors; they will simply interact with the AIs. A tool like 1stAI Machine anticipates that moment by exploring tangible interfaces that enhance creativity.”

While still an early effort, the machine does some impressive work thanks to Runway’s generative AI software. Runway was one of the early contributors to the open-source AI image generator Stable Diffusion and has expanded into entertainment since its 2018 founding, including providing technology used for visual effects in the film, “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Runway has widened its focus in the last year and upgraded its tech with its Gen-2 model as well as Runway Studios to make its own movies. Runway has raised a total of $237 million and has a reported valuation of $1.5 billion. The machine’s launch hints at the scale of disruption on the horizon as AI penetrates creative sectors. The roles of studios and visual effects teams seem likely to evolve dramatically in the coming years as generative video matures.

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