Rabbit Perplexity

Rabbit R1 Generative AI Device Taps Perplexity for Real-Time Answers

The Rabbit r1 generative AI device has turned to Perplexity AI and its large language models to answer questions for users with real-time updates. The two companies will embed Perplexity’s LLMs within the Rabbit R1, leveraging the models as a native voice assistant for the portable $200 smart display.

Rabbit Perplexity

The pocket-sized r1 acts as a miniature interface for a generative AI assistant that can perform web searches, play music, and even make reservations for a taxi. It offers a touchscreen and voice interaction with no monthly fee. Perplexity’s conversational answer engine will power the AI using both its own models and third-party sources like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini to find accurate answers. As part of the deal, the first 100,000 r1 customers will get one year of Perplexity’s Pro service for free. The device has already received 50,000 pre-orders,

Perplexity is specifically providing Rabbit with the new LLMs introduced last year with real-time access to the internet. The pplx-7b-online and pplx-70b-online models are designed to stay current and limit hallucinations and are provided through an API to Pro subscribers. Both Rabbit and Perplexity are riding high at the moment. Rabbit just raised $30 million in funding and was one of the most talked-about devices at CES this year. Meanwhile, Perplexity just raised a $73.6 million funding round and claims to have 10 million monthly active users. The company’s LLMs are now set up to become a household name in generative AI, though perhaps not quite at the level of ChatGPT.


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