Pindrop Pulse

Pindrop Launches Real-Time Audio Deepfake Detection Tool Pindrop Pulse

AI voice security developer Pindrop has unveiled its new Pindrop Pulse product, which is capable of identifying deepfake speech in real time. Pulse can spot manipulated and synthetic speech within a few seconds. It’s how Pindrop proved that ElevenLabs’ voice cloning tech created the ersatz voice of President Biden attempting to mislead New Hampshire residents in phone calls ahead of the state’s primary election.

Identifying Phones and Voices

Pulse uses AI and deep learning models to analyze small samples of audio for synthetic content. The tool completed its examination in just 150 milliseconds during beta tests, according to Pindrop. Pule then explains its findings to the user, dividing the results into four voice fraud categories. The audio deception spans the gamut of sophistication and technical prowess, including replayed recordings, speech synthesis, chatbots, and voice conversion.

Pulse has obvious value to any organization seeking to limit phone-based fraud or scams, from call centers to political campaigns. Fake audio crime is growing, with Cybersecurity Ventures projecting possible damages of more than $10 trillion by 2025. Pindrop is incorporating Pulse into its other authentication and fraud prevention products, upgrading its overall defense services against voice-based attacks. Some Pindrop clients have already been using Pulse since its beta, such as First National Bank of Omaha, which employs Pulse as a security measure for its call center customers.

“Pindrop Pulse represents the company’s evolution in response to increasing sophistication of attackers and allows us to answer the fundamental question of whether we are interacting with a real human or a machine,” Pindrop CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan said in a statement. “Our solution doesn’t just detect deepfakes; it is a pivotal step towards reinstating trust in commerce, media, communication, and society as a whole. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this charge, equipping our clients with the necessary defenses against the sophisticated cyber threats that Generative AI has created.”


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