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Pindrop Buys Enterprise Call Verification Tech Startup Next Caller

Voice identification developer Pindrop has acquired phone verification tech provider Next Caller for an undisclosed sum. The purchase expands Pindrop’s vocal security portfolio beyond biometrics and authentication with Next Caller’s phone spoofing and fraud detection features.

Identifying Phones and Voices

Next Caller provides call centers with technology for making sure a caller is who they claim. The company’s tech can spot when someone is trying to trick caller ID software and pretending to call from a different number even before the call center phone rings. An API connector the phone system notes any such attempt and determines a fraud threat level to inform the business of what it found and if the caller needs to undergo a more thorough screening or if the call should be blocked entirely. Pindrop’s anti-fraud tech focuses more on people’s voices, analyzing them and identifying them by their voice the next time they call. Next Caller will officially operate as a subsidiary of Pindrop under its own name, but with the companies bringing both of their security features to the table for call center clients, tailoring the solution as needed.

“Next Caller is a true pioneer in the device verification space,” Pindrop CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan said in a statement. “The growth Next Caller has experienced has been truly impressive to witness. Operating independently as close partners, we’re thrilled to be able to now work together to provide even better solutions to our respective customers and prospects while keeping a close eye on the many growth opportunities ahead of us.”

Pandemic Security

Though Next Door is Pindrop’s first acquisition, the company has been busy with plenty of other new ventures and partnerships. In January, TiVo announced a deal with Pindrop to provide vocal recognition technology to the entertainment service as a way to personalize content suggestions for subscribers. Pindrop’s Deep Voice technology supports the creation of voice-based profiles so that TiVo’s voice assistant will know who is issuing voice commands.

Pindrop sees new opportunities to leverage Next Caller’s services to accelerate its growth, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic led to a spike in activity at 42% of call centers, according to Forrester Report Pindrop commissioned in November, and about two-thirds said that they have trouble maintaining security and call quality at the same time, even though 80% of the brands said fraud is a serious issue at their call centers. Augmenting Pindrop’s tools with Next Caller’s tech could fill in the gaps for current and future clients.

“We couldn’t be more bullish about the future. The need for our combined solutions will only continue to grow as brands across multiple industries not only look to better secure their voice channel, but also improve the customer experience,” Balasubramaniyan said. “Understanding who you are speaking to is the most effective way to build a better relationship with customers, resulting in a higher NPS and subsequently more profitable exchanges.”


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