Microsoft Copilot Super Bowl

Microsoft Enhances Generative AI Copilot for Super Bowl Ad Release

Microsoft has upgraded its generative AI Copilot tool with a new large language model and interface. The enhancement is timed with the early release of a Super Bowl commercial showcasing Copilot, the first Microsoft ad premiering during the football championship in four years.

Deucalion Model

Microsoft major updated both the model fueling Copilot and the experience online and in its iOS and Android apps. Copilot employs the new, and more powerful Deucalion model (named for the Noah-esque flood survivor from Greek myth). Microsoft corporate vice president and Copilot and Bing engineering head Jordi Ribas described Deucalion in a post on X as a “fine tuned model that makes Balanced mode for @Microsoft Copilot richer and faster.” Balanced is the middle ground mode between the Creative and Precise versions of Copilot. Though the actual model behind Deucalion is unmentioned, the fine-tuning implies it’s a variation on the GPT-4 model employed by Bing Chat.

Copilot Super Bowl

Meanwhile, the refreshed interface now has a sleeker look and suggested prompts to demonstrate Copilot’s abilities. There are also new image creation tools within Copilot Designer that allow users to customize the resulting images with editing tools directly inside the chat experience. Elements like color, blur, and effects can all be adjusted. Subscribers to Copilot Pro, Microsoft’s version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus,  can also resize and regenerate images between square and landscape formats.

Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad highlights how Copilot can help people make ideas into reality. The generative AI assistant enables an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and fantasy football player to quickly generate a business plan, storyboards, and a custom team mascot, respectively, via simple conversational prompts. You can see the full commercial above.

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