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Snapchat Adds Generative AI Images to Snapchat+ Subscription Service

Snapchat has augmented its Snapchat+ subscription service with a text-to-image generator and other new generative AI features. Subscribers can also now widen the viewpoint of a scene as imagined by an AI model and share examples of the Dream selfie feature with their friends.

Generative Snap

The new generative AI creative tools are designed to encourage users to create and customize images to share with friends. Subscribers can simply enter a text prompt and get an image based on that brief description, then share it through a Snapchat conversation, as seen in the images above. The same goes for the new image-extending tool on the Snapchat camera, which widens the lens to capture full scenes that may have been accidentally cropped or zoomed in too close.

The features build on the existing option, allowing Snapchat+ subscribers to personalize conversations with AI-generated Bitmoji backgrounds and chat wallpapers. The third new tool transforms selfies using Dreams, a generative AI-powered filter that renders artistically stylized portraits. Users now get one free Dreams pack per month. Snapchat hasn’t revealed which generative AI model produced the images, though it could be DALL-E 3 as the company’s My AI chatbot employs an OpenAI model for conversation.

These generative AI capabilities supplement existing Snapchat+ features like ghost trails on Snaps and seeing who re-watched your Stories. Snapchat claims more than 7 million people have signed up to pay $4 a month for Snapchat+ since the service launched last June. The launch comes as Snapchat looks to premium subscriptions to open new revenue streams amidst a digital ad market downturn. Generative AI features could help attract new subscribers and increase retention among Snapchat’s over 300 million monthly active users.


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