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Amazon Counters OpenAI’s GPT Builder With AWS Bedrock Generative AI App Creator PartyRock

Amazon Web Services has released a no-code generative AI app builder built on the AWS Bedrock platform. The PartyRock platform is a lot like the custom GPTs recently introduced by OpenAI, but available at a standalone website and clearly aimed at a broader audience than the more technical Bedrock options. In some ways, PartyRock is like the no-code Alexa Skill builder tools but centered more on text and image creation.

PartyRock AI

PartyRock lets users customize generative AI models with personal data to produce unique applications with both text and images. Users can pick from several leading generative AI large language models (LLMs) from developers like AI21 Labs, Anthropic Cohere, Meta, Stability AI, and Amazon through a unified API, though not all have models available yet. The idea is to simplify testing different AI approaches with minimal complexity for builders. Amazon said PartyRock encourages exploring and learning about AI capabilities in a creative space open to all. The example from AWS is about snarky responses to requests for blog posts and combines a text response with an image supposedly designed to encourage patience as can be seen on the right.

“If you are ready to learn more about Generative AI while having fun and building cool stuff, check out You can experiment, learn all about prompt engineering, build mini-apps, and share them with your friends — all without writing any code or creating an AWS account,” AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr explained in a blog post. “You can also start with an app that has been shared with you and remix it to further enhance and customize it.”

Users can easily publish links to apps they create using the #partyrockplayground hashtag. Amazon hopes to foster a community where makers can mutually inspire innovative applications. Opening AI app building to non-experts hints at a more participatory and decentralized future. PartyRock exemplifies how tech giants are creating new on-ramps to generative AI and its possibilities.

Amazon Bedrock only became widely available to the general public in September. Amazon introduced Bedrock to provide pre-built integrations with leading generative AI models, enabling companies to leverage these complex AI systems via simple APIs without managing infrastructure to build apps like chatbots, image generators, and text analytics tools.

PartyRock and OpenAI’s GPT builder have plenty of similarities, but Amazon is differentiating its offerings in some notable ways. For instance, OpenAI requires subscribing to ChatGPT Plus for $20 a month to build custom GPTs, while PartyRock is free, and users just need to make an account. With OpenAI temporarily halting new ChatGPT Plus sign-ups, there’s potentially a big opportunity for PartyRock to attract those unable to build through OpenAI’s system. AWS may also start charging users, but for now, it is entirely free.


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