Picsart Ignite

Picsart Debuts Generative AI Tools to Create and Manipulate Synthetic Images and Videos

Digital content creator Picsa has released a set of more than 20 generative AI-powered tools for making and manipulating visual content. The new Picsart Ignite portfolio is set up to encourage Picsart users to employ generative AI in their projects, including business tasks like marketing and advertising campaigns.

Picsart Ignite

Picsart Ignite combines existing and new generative AI creative tools. The package counts an AI image generator that Picsart says produces more than two million images daily, along with tools for producing text and logos, replacing or removing objects, making and changing backgrounds, and text-to-video, gif, and sticker tools. Among the new features is AI Expand, which translates text prompts into additional details for an image, the AI Style Transfer for revamping visuals with a new artistic approach, and an AI object remover for videos. There’s also an AI Avatar maker for realistic headshots and a more humorous variant pitched at images of couples and pets.

“At Picsart, we believe that everyone is a creator. Our editing experience reflects this philosophy by providing users with powerful, yet fun and easy-to-use tools to express their unique visions,” Picsart CEO Hovhannes Avoyan said in a statement. “We developed these features to ignite creativity and enable users to turn their ideas into stunning visual content – whether they’re posting ads for their business, memes for their friends, or anything in between.”

Generative Art

The idea for Ignite Ignite is to provide accessible and intuitive generative AI capabilities that turn concepts into content. The company wants to enable digital creators of all skill levels to unlock new creative possibilities. The new set of tools continues Picsart’s rollout of generative AI features since last year. In January, the company showcased its SketchAI feature that turns drawings into AI-generated images. That followed the AI Background and AI Replace features.

The company has been heavily investing in the space using the $130 million it raised last year. The Picsart Ignite release comes as demand rises for AI features that enhance workflows for social media managers, marketers, businesses, and other content creators. Rival platforms like Canva, Shutterstock, Adobe, and Typeface all have their own approach to the material, but Picsart’s angle puts it at a healthy competitive level, especially with the less technical platforms like Canva or Figma.

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