Blackberry Releases Cybersecurity Generative AI Assistant

BlackBerry has unveiled a generative AI assistant for security operations center (SOC) teams. The new tool acts as a virtual SOC analyst \, automating the research into threats and providing recommendations within seconds using large language models (LLMs) to be more accurate while maintaining data privacy.

Cybersecurity AI

BlackBerry’s Cylance AI customers will be able to use the new assistant to organize information on potential threats and work out solutions even before a request is submitted. Rather than rely on a chatbot, BlackBerry is aiming for a more natural workflow setup, one that is integrated into the Cylance console. The new AI assistant predicts user needs and proactively surfaces information to accelerate threat detection and response. This allows analysts to focus on higher-value tasks instead of manual research that can take hours.

“BlackBerry pioneered the AI cybersecurity market and our commitment to innovation means we are once again at the forefront of the industry as we unveil our Generative AI powered cybersecurity assistant,” BlackBerry senior vice president and general manager for Spark’s cybersecurity business unit Nathan Jenniges said. “This new solution will enable our customers to modernize their SOC operations helping them to stay a step ahead of the adversary. It will be invaluable to CISOs in overcoming the challenges they face, including an evolving threat landscape and resource constraints.”

BlackBerry claims its service outperforms potential rivals thanks in part to quintuple the AI and machine learning patents compared to its next nearest competitor. That includes the AI-driven antivirus software added to Cylance in 2019. BlackBerry’s assistant is designed to help companies keep up with the evolving cyber risk landscape. The AI compresses research timelines from hours to seconds and is set up to act as as a virtual team member.

The announcement comes amid surging interest in AI-enabled security tools. Recent research suggests over 80% of CISOs plan to invest in generative AI capabilities like BlackBerry’s virtual assistants, according to a survey by research firm Devo. As one of the first movers in AI-driven antivirus and predictive analytics, BlackBerry aims to maintain its edge. The startup Cylance business it acquired in 2019 was an AI security pioneer. With the rollout of its AI assistant, BlackBerry seeks to redefine SOC productivity and threat prevention capabilities. Its private, enterprise-grade approach contrasts with AI assistants meant for consumers.

“Generative AI has the potential to deliver tremendous economic value, making it an area of focus for BlackBerry. Our patent portfolio already includes Generative AI,” BlackBerry CTO Charles Eagan explained. “Throughout our innovations we take our commitment to delivering enterprise-grade solutions seriously – innovations that deliver value rather than react to hype – as demonstrated by today’s announcement and our being one of the first signatories of Canada’s voluntary Generative AI Code of Conduct.”

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