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SoundHound Turns Car Manuals into Voice Assistants With Generative AI

SoundHound has debuted a new feature that allows drivers to talk to their vehicle’s user manual and hear the answers to their questions about the car without looking through a book. The new Vehicle Intelligence feature augments the SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive, which links SoundHound’s voice AI to ChatGPT and other generative AI conversational systems.

Car Knows Car

The Vehicle Intelligence domain gives drivers another subject they can talk to their in-car voice assistant about. SoundHound’s natural language processing and integrated large language models respond to common inquiries about a car and its functions. Drivers can ask the car about what a dashboard warning light means, how to start the car remotely, and anything else from the manual without needing to consult the physical book. The voice AI comes up with answers by analyzing the official documentation of the car’s make and model. It can even employ real-time vehicle data to answer questions about its current status. Vehicle Intelligence is a new facet of SoundHound’s growing generative AI integration options for cars.

“This is the shortcut every driver has been waiting for,” SoundHound COO Mike Zagorsek said. “Text-based manuals are so critical, and yet searching through them can be an arduous process. Now, thanks to our cutting-edge AI technology, we’ve made that process as simple as asking a question to the in-vehicle voice assistant.”

Vehicle Intelligence is part of SoundHound’s generative AI push for the automotive space, enhancing the Conversational AI Language (CaiLAN) and Conversational AI Network (CaiNet) systems created by SoundHound last year. The company has brought those same features to new venues like the Harman Ignite Store for cars. Drivers are also increasingly likely to encounter a SoundHound voice assistant at White Castle drive-thrus, with a goal of reaching more than 100 by the end of the year.

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