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SoundHound’s Voice AI is Coming to the Harman Ignite Automotive App Store

SoundHound will integrate its voice AI into the Harman Ignite Store for third-party automotive smart apps. The Samsung subsidiary has agreed to embed SoundHound’s platform so that drivers can find, download, and interact with the app that carmakers publish on Ignite. Harman has been using Cerence’s voice AI for Ignite since last July, but we’ve reached out to the companies to see if SoundHound is replacing Cerence or just expanding the options for Ignite users.

SoundHound Ignite

Harman’s deal with SoundHound will see the voice AI developer’s technology become part of how drivers engage with the Ignite Store. When they are looking for an app and starting it up by voice, it’s SoundHound’s AI that will facilitate their commands. The voice apps created by automotive brand and and independent developers like Audioburst will respond through the same voice AI. The whole process is faster and easier than manually setting up the apps and doesn’t require the driver taking their hands off the wheel. This isn’t the first time the two companies have teamed up on a voice experience. Harman Professional Solutions was SoundHound’s first partner when it began to expand into the hospitality industry in 2019. SoundHound’s voice AI linked to Harman’s Hospitality Cloud AI, enabling custom voice services for specific locations and hotels. It can even offer recommendations for local food and entertainment.

“In line with our ‘Consumer Experiences. Automotive Grade.’ value proposition, Harman Ignite Store aims to seamlessly voice-enable third-party automotive applications, so it’s critical that our integrated voice AI is the best on the market – both in terms of its technical capabilities and its user-friendliness,” Harman Ignite Store vice president Albert Jordan said. “We are impressed by SoundHound’s voice AI and we’re excited for the opportunity to work together to provide drivers with a way of controlling their in-vehicle digital experience system that is as smart and intuitive as with any of their other devices.”

Automotive Heat

SoundHound has been quick to grow its automotive portfolio of late. The company’s voice AI platform just became a feature for Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën Automobiles (DPCA) vehicles in China, its first Mandarin language outlet. The deal grew out of SoundHound’s recent contract with DPCA’s parent brand Stellantis in Europe and incorporates its custom wake words and Edge+Cloud connectivity options combining on-device and cloud processing. The company also counts Hyundai, Kia, and Mercedes among its vehicular clients. The company also opened up its hybrid model to more than just cars, offering tools to embed a voice assistant with a range of cloud or on-device processing options in any compatible device.

“Great voice technology is now a key differentiator for vehicle-buying consumers, and SoundHound’s advanced voice AI delivers a truly conversational experience that feels natural and effortless,” SoundHound chief product officer James Hom said. “By integrating our advanced voice AI with Harman’s elite platform, we’ll be offering automakers a high quality, next-generation system that minimizes distractions and maximizes convenience.”

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