Generative AI Customization Startup Gradient Raises $10M

Large language model (LLM) customization startup Gradient has raised $10 million in a seed funding round led by Wing VC. Gradient offers businesses a platform for fine-tuning and deploying LLMs with proprietary data to provide generative AI apps at scale as enterprise demand for generative AI continues to skyrocket.

Gradient Modeling

Gradient’s founders came together after developing AI for major tech brands like Google and Netflix, aiming at melding private data safely enough for businesses keen to augment their workflows with LLMs. Gradient’s platform allows organizations to leverage their proprietary data to build and customize LLMs for internal use cases. The idea is to make tailor generative AI tools while reducing the costs and streamlining their deployment.

Users can choose to pay only for the computing resources they use or opt for dedicated deployments. The platform allows companies to tune hundreds of LLMs and retain full ownership of the resulting apps. Gradient also provides access to a catalog of pre-trained models for specialized domains like healthcare.

“We provide our customers with the easiest, truly on-demand developer API for LLMs,” Gradient CEO Christopher Chang said. “This enables any company to quickly proliferate its AI augmented workforce and maintain competitive advantage.”

The startup pitches its work to a range of industries, including financial services, marketing, and entertainment. But, competition in the space remains fierce as generative AI adoption accelerates. Demand prompts investment as well, with startups like Modular raising $100 million to make generative AI customization options more accessible. Writer recently raised $100 million as well for its enterprise text-generating models and tools, while Cohere has widened its enterprise generative AI options to include a command language and chatbot. And Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are all rushing to provide the same options within their respective platforms.

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