Adobe Express

Adobe Express Mobile App Embeds Firefly Generative AI Tools, Google Bard Integration to Follow

Adobe has integrated the Firefly portfolio of generative AI tools into a new beta of its Adobe Express mobile app. The upgraded Express incorporates text-to-image and text effects, video editing, and the rest of Firefly’s synthetic media generation features and connects to Photoshop and other Adobe products that have recently added Firefly to their menus.

Generative Express

Adobe Express is designed as a mobile center for Adobe’s media creation tools. The updated version allows users to make and edit documents, images, videos, and presentations as the desktop versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud products. They can be synced to the cloud and shared with other users for real-time collaboration. Adobe also confirmed that Express and Firefly will feature on Google’s generative AI chatbot Bard as first announced at Google I/O. Firefly will power Bard’s text-to-image generator, with users then able to export those images to Express for editing and publication.

The addition of Firefly to Express widens the options to include generative AI models trained on Adobe’s custom database. Adobe uses public domain, open license, and Adobe Stock images for training its model. The images are marked with Adobe’s Content Credentials to indicate the use of generative AI and certify the training didn’t break trademark or other intellectual property rules. Adobe is also working on a payment system for those who own any work it wants to use for its AI training program and a “Do Not Train” service that will let artists incorporate a request into an image’s metadata to block data scrapers from using it to train AI.

“The new release of Adobe Express brings together technology from Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Acrobat with our Firefly generative AI models into a fun and easy web application experience allowing everyone, from individuals to large organizations to create content that stands out,” Adobe’s president of digital media business David Wadhwani said. “Creators can now make stunning videos, designs and documents faster than ever before and our seamless workflows with our flagship applications give Creative Cloud subscribers even more control over the creative process.”

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