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Adobe Brings Firefly Generative AI Tools to Photoshop

Adobe has added generative AI tools to Photoshop, opening access to the Firefly portfolio of features introduced earlier this year to a far broader user base. Photoshop will now include ways of creating and editing images with generative AI, though only to beta Photoshop users at the moment.

Photoshop Firefly

Photoshop’s Firefly features match those showcased by Adobe when it first announced the project. The text-to-image engine performs much like OpenAI’s DALL-E or the Stability AI-based Midjourney. Photoshop users can pick from a default of three options for each prompt. The prompts can extend an image beyond its borders or add new objects to an existing background. Photoshop sends a portion of an image to Firefly to embed the object in a new layer, not the entire image. Firefly uses a technique called Generative Fill to make the generated image fit with the existing style, lighting, and other elements so it doesn’t stand out. Photoshop is first, but Adobe has plans to bring Firefly to the rest of its Creative Cloud application. In the six weeks since its official launch, Firefly has produced more than 100 million assets, according to Adobe.

“By integrating Firefly directly into workflows as a creative co-pilot, Adobe is accelerating ideation, exploration and production for all of our customers,” Adobe digital media senior vice president Ashley Still said. “Generative Fill combines the speed and ease of generative AI with the power and precision of Photoshop, empowering customers to bring their visions to life at the speed of their imaginations.”

Adobe uses public domain, open license, and Adobe Stock images for training its model. That way, Adobe can claim it never violates any trademark or other intellectual property rights. The company also said it is working on a payment system for those who own any work it wants to use for its AI training program. The company is further committing to that standard with the development of a “Do Not Train” system that will let artists incorporate a request into an image’s metadata to block data scrapers from using it to train AI.

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