Perplexity Copilot

Perplexity AI’s New Copilot Feature Provides More Interactive, Personalized Answers With GPT-4

Generative AI chatbot startup Perplexity AI has introduced a new feature called Copilot that leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to provide more personalized responses. Copilot guides users through interactive follow-up questions and pulls better responses from the web and Wolfram|Alpha.

Perplexity Copilot

Perplexity describes Copliot as an interactive AI search companion. When activated, it can respond with clarifying questions, run multiple searches, and summarize the results for the user. It can also better understand questions and provide more accurate results. For instance, Perplexity Copilot can help with researching complex topics by going back and forth on the specific information they need before curating answers with links to websites and Wolfram Alpha data. The same goes for breaking down and explaining math problems. By using GPT-4, Perplexity Copilot also has a strong summarization ability and can hunt through large texts for the right answers to a user’s question. The process is also more efficient that way, with fewer blind alleys in research and other information gathering. Shared threads using Perplexity are also interactive now, with the option to ask follow-ups and related questions on any shared link. There is a limit, however. Perplexity AI only allows five Copilot queries every four hours, presumably because of the cost of accessing the more advanced GPT-4 model that OpenAI generally reserves for those subscribing to ChatGPT+.

Perplexity AI has been on a roll lately, raising $25.6 million in a funding round in March and debuting an iOS app for its conversational search engine, followed by an Android version this month. The ChatGPT-style interface of the mobile app responds to queries in text and voice with real-time information and footnotes with links to data sources. Perplexity claims its website and Chrome extension attracted two million unique visitors in February, with about 10 million monthly visits. Conversational generative AI for searching the web has become a major theme for the technology in recent months. Despite the similar name and role, Perplexity’s Copilot is unrelated to the term Microsoft has been eager to spread as a way of thinking about generative AI companions.

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