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Voiceflow Will Host $10K GPT-4 Hackathon ‘PromptHacks’

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Braden Ream, CEO of Voiceflow

As conversational AI continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, the importance of large language models (LLMs) cannot be overstated. LLMs will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping the future of conversational AI by enabling advanced functionalities such as natural language understanding (NLU), prompt chaining, and LLM-driven flows.

One of the key functions of NLUs in conversational AI is to accurately recognize user intent. This is where LLMs come into play—they provide the necessary language processing capabilities to understand the nuances and context of user queries. Once the user’s intent has been identified, prompt chains and LLM-driven flows can be used to guide the user towards task completion.

I can’t stress just how important we think LLMs are—and it’s why we’ve added GPT-4 support to Voiceflow. This, combined with prompt settings and upcoming memory features, will further enhance Voiceflow’s capabilities and ensure that our users have access to the latest advancements in language processing.

As part of our commitment to promoting the adoption of LLMs in the industry, we decided to launch PromptHacks, a 48-hour hackathon happening April 28–30th. We hope this event introduces folks in the industry to prompting, prompt chaining, LLMs, fine-tuning, and more.

The goal of PromptHacks is to help people understand these technologies and approaches at a tactical level, not just a theoretical one. We’ll be offering workshops and mentorships during the hackathon to make sure every attendee can learn and get involved, so all skill levels are encouraged to register.

PromptHacks kicks off on April 28th with an announcement of the unique prompt, and then it’s time for teams to take that and run. (If you’re solo, don’t let that keep you from registering—we’ll match you with someone.)

Then on April 30th, teams will present their project to judges from OpenAI, Voiceflow, Intuit, and Index Ventures. It’s a great opportunity to get in front of some of the most influential minds in the industry and get valuable feedback on your work.

Even better: we’re offering $10,000 USD in cash prizes.

We can’t wait to see what innovative ideas you come up with. Sign up and get ready to start building and learning.

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