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Food Tech Startup Lunchbox Employs DALL-E Text-to-Image Generator for Restaurant Menus

OpenAI’s text-to-image tool may create images in restaurant menus thanks to food service tech startup Lunchbox, as first reported by QSR. The new AI Food Generator platform employs OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 generative AI image creator to provide pictures of food for restaurants that may not be able to afford the photographic services provided by larger restaurant management platforms.

Generative Food AI

Images can play a huge role in sales for restaurants. Lunchbox CEO Nabeel Alamgir claims the data shows restaurants with photos see a 65% rise in sales on digital platforms and a 70% jump in orders. The AI Food Generator is for smaller restaurants or those with new items who want to quickly add photsos to their online menus. Users just type in a food item or some example of food being eaten in the search bar, with optional background and art style choices. The optional entries seem to default to white voids or tabletops and standard photographs as the style. Lunchbox pays OpenAI a fee for every query submitted to the image generator.

The question of ethical advertising with AI-generated images could cause problems for companies using the tool, however. For instance, DoorDash and its affiliate food ordering platforms require that images “properly represent the item.” The AI-generated image might look exactly like what a customer gets, but its origin could be a gray area. Lunchbox can’t track who is using the tool, but it has produced nearly 200 million images since its Jan. 19 launch. Lunchbox has plans for more AI products in the future, including dynamic menus that change what’s on the top of the list depending on the weather.

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