AI Santa

3 AI Santas to Chat With for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and Santa’s on his way. If you’re impatient or want to have a real conversation with Saint Nick when it isn’t his busiest night of the year, synthetic media and conversational AI can are offering the opportunity without a trip to the North Pole. In fact, there are multiple Synthetic Santas available as ChatGPT and other generative AI tools mushroom. Here are three (and a half) you might want to chat with while hanging your stockings.

Synthetic Santas

ChatGPT Santa

The easiest way to get a generative AI Santa Claus is to just ask OpenAI’sChatGPT to be him and see what comes out. It’s purely text, but still pretty effective, as can be seen above. If you are particularly ambitious, you can even combine it with synthetic video developer D-ID’s platform to put ChatGPT’s words in Santa’s synthetic mouth as demonstrated by Anders Online.

StoryFile Santa

Conversational video AI developer StoryFile is powering an interactive Santa Claus at in partnership with Grom Social Enterprises and Curiosity Ink Media. The kid-friendly “Ask Santa” leverages StoryFile’s synthetic media technology and conversational AI to allow children to chat with Santa by typing or through voice conversations, just as it does with the digital forms of William Shatner and Sam Walton.

Inworld Metaverse Santa

Inworld AI’s synthetic character creator platform recently added Santa as an interactive AI character on the Inworld Arcade, a hub of some of the best virtual beings produced by Inworld users. Synthetic Saint Nick is immediately ready to discuss an assortment of festive topics in a one-size-fits-all version. Users can also choose to train a custom version of the model to learn favorite movies and books, Christmas wishlist items, and other details specific to their children (or themselves). Santa and other Inworld Arcade characters can converse by voice or text, or users can send in their own Inworld character to talk with the virtual beings using Inworld’s new avatar chat feature.

Presto Drive-Thru Santa

Restaurant voice AI developer Presto Automation’s synthetic Santa is focused more on food than Christmas, but the virtual Saint Nick is one of the new custom voices for Presto’s drive-thru voice assistant. Restaurants can pick from a range of celebrity and mascot voices for their drive-thru, including seasonal options like Santa Claus. Santa and other celebrities are trained to know the menu and perform like the standard voice assistants previously available, but with a twist.

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