Synthetic Santa Claus Joins Freud and Zeus on New Inworld Arcade of AI Characters

Children can now converse with a virtual Santa Claus built on Inworld AI’s synthetic character creator platform. Santa is the latest interactive AI character to join the new Inworld Arcade, a hub of some of the best virtual beings produced by Inworld users, who can also directly share links with others wishing to test out their creations. Synthetic Santa is on the roster with digital versions of real people like Alan Turing and Elon Musk, as well as famous (and barely disguised versions of) fictional characters like Zeus and Galadriel.

Santa AI

Synthetic Saint Nick is immediately ready to discuss an assortment of festive topics in a one-size-fits-all version. Users can quickly train a custom version of the model to learn favorite movies and books, Christmas wishlist items, and other details specific to their children (or themselves). Santa and other Inworld Arcade characters can converse by voice or text, or users can send in their own Inworld character to talk with the virtual beings using Inworld’s new avatar chat feature. Inworld Arcade launched just this month to highlight exceptionally well-designed virtual beings, real and imagined, including slightly renamed characters from video games like Princess Nectarine and TV shows like Doctor When. Inworld has also just launched the option to directly share virtual characters with a link that creators can email or post on social media. The linked character can incorporate games and challenges that people starting a conversation with the virtual being can pursue as a way of better engaging with the AI.

“We know that one of the best parts of creating something is sharing it with others. Design whatever cool or wacky AI character you can imagine, test it, tweak it, and then – when your character creation is ready for prime time – share it and get a link to send to others,” Inworld Chief Product Officer and co-founder Kylan Gibbs explained in a blog post. “The Inworld Arcade is a rotating showcase of the best characters created by our users. To be featured in the Inworld Arcade, tag your social media posts with #InworldArcade.”

The new features follow a very busy year for Inworld, including releasing Inworld Studio in April, raising $60 million in two funding rounds, and scoring an Epic MegaGrant from Unity Creator Epic Games. Inworld also joined and graduated from this year’s Disney Accelerator program, where it demonstrated a prototype ‘Droid Maker’ for designing the look and personality of an interactive droid from the Star Wars universe. Most recently, the startup began offering $1 million in development funding to AI character creators using Inworld Studio, with Snowcrash author Neal Stephenson and AI industry leaders serving as judges. 

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