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Inworld AI Shows Off Star Wars ‘Droid Maker’ After Completing Disney Accelerator

Metaverse virtual character creator Inworld AI completed the most recent Disney Accelerator with a demonstration of its prototype ‘Droid Maker,’ a platform to design the look and personality of an interactive droid from the Star Wars universe, as seen in the video above.

Inworld Droids

Inworld was one of a half-dozen startups chosen for their ability to contribute to what Disney calls next-generation storytelling. The startup offers a platform for creating interactive characters powered by AI for the metaverse and other digital spaces in just a few minutes through its Inworld Studio. The AI personality generated serves as a baseline but is capable of evolving through conversations with users and engaging with its virtual environment. Inworld built the Droid maker with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB, a studio for immersive storytelling. The startup is continuing talks with Lucasfilm ILMxLAB to potentially design developer tools for scaling up character creation for its digital environments. The company is also working on designing an AI personality for Disney Star’s DisneyStarverse platform. Disney has already begun experimenting with interactive AI and has a giant catalog of characters it could use to populate the metaverse, so the potential future arrangements make sense.

“Inworld gives personality and artificial intelligence to characters and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into our work with Disney. At today’s Demo Day, we demoed a ‘Droid Maker’ prototype that was created in collaboration with ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive storytelling studio,” Inworld AI CEO Ilya Gelfenbeyn wrote in a blog post about the accelerator. “We’re also exploring the development of an AI personality for Disney Star’s DisneyStarverse platform, among other projects that we’ve been sworn to secrecy on. It’s been an incredible ride with the Disney Accelerator and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support of the Walt Disney Company.”

A $50 million raise in August is helping give Inworld the runway for its ambitious partnerships. The startup also benefits from counting as chief creative officer Academy Award-winning designer John Gaeta, whose work made The Matrix and much of modern cinema possible. The Disney cohort also included social app Flickplay, which connects NFTS to the real world with augmented reality, immersive experience provider Lockerverse, three-dimensional metaverse e-commerce platform Obsess, scalable blockchain network Polygon, and augmented reality hardware and interface developer Red 6.

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