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The Tools That Will Make the Metaverse with Nvidia’s Paul Cutsinger – Video

Paul Cutsinger is the director of Nvidia Omniverse Exchange. The software centers around 3D design collaboration and simulation. Cutsinger joined the Synthedia conference to discuss how enterprises are using synthetic media to create realistic simulations of physical environments. These design inputs are then used to refine physical world implementations. It is a different angle on the current and future use of metaverse technologies by enterprises.

In the video, Cutsinger demonstrates use cases for a BMW factory, an area cell tower deployment, and a restaurant kiosk. He also shows multiple designers employing multiple third-party tools simultaneously contributing to a single design document in real time.

AI, Simulations, and the Metaverse

Most of the discussions around AI and the metaverse assume some sort of real-time experience for the users. Nvidia foresaw another set of use cases that employ simulations. The virtual 3D environments can run through planning scenarios to anticipate circumstances that may not be considered in a typical design process. They can also help organizations optimize designs before breaking ground.

Some people have expressed interest in recreating physical spaces in metaverse environments to gamify the experience or draw attention to the location for tourism purposes. Nvidia shows that the same technologies used to create metaverse virtual worlds can go beyond recreating existing spaces and completely fictional worlds. They serve as a preview of what could be and how the space may be used.

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