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Virtual Humans in Media, Applications, and the Creator Economy – New Use Cases (Video)

Virtual humans and synthetic video generation are about more than scalability. It is disrupting business models and long-standing business practices. Hour One users have already generated over 100,000 videos with its virtual human video creation platform. In her presentation at the Synthedia synthetic media conference, Natalie Monbiot, head of strategy at Hour One, shows some new use cases driving virtual human adoption and how it dramatically changes the cost, speed, and flexibility of video creation.

One of those examples is the language learning company Berlitz. Using virtual humans has enabled the company to cost-effectively use humanlike avatars in their eLearning programs. Berlitz knows that the use of human instructors on video provides a higher level of achievement for its students but found that it was cost prohibitive and impractical. The use of virtual humans provides many of the benefits of switching from text and audio-only to a visual instructor on video without the high cost. The company is now offering new features as well that would not be possible if employing human instructors alone.

Practical Applications of Virtual Humans

Monbiot also discusses the use of virtual humans in media and shows video demos. The first example is Defiant Media and its use of a digital clone of a news anchor. Another example discusses the use by content creators such as YouTuber Taryn Southern, which launched in 2021.

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