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New Alexa Skills Help Pets Relax During Fireworks

Alexa is offering new skills to help dogs and cats stay calm during fireworks and other loud events. A music playlist that starts when dogs bark and a unique piece of music designed to calm cats aim to help out the furry friends of Alexa device owners, especially when there are fireworks or other celebratory noises outside the home.

Cat Music

Amazon commissioned a new piece of music specially designed for cats that will play when users ask, “Alexa, help my cat relax.” Feline behaviorist and author Anita Kelsey composed the music to soothe cats made anxious by the loud noises ahead of the UK’s Bonfire Night on Nov. 5. Alexa device owners can ask the voice assistant to “help my cat relax” to initiate the music.

“Recent scientific research has shown that certain music can relax animals, with cats responding positively to more specific tones and frequencies,” Kelsey said. “Music, such as the track available for cats exclusively through Alexa, is specifically designed to calm cats and help keep them at ease during what can be a stressful evening. I’m excited to be working with Amazon to offer pet guardians different ways to help their cats, as it’s so important to prioritize their wellbeing.”

Dog owners worried about their own pet pals can help calm them down too, thanks to the new Press Paws Alexa Shared Routine. Press Paws uses Alexa’s sound detection to distinguish barking from other sounds. Instead of prompting an alarm or other reaction, Press Paws connects it to the classical music playlist.

“At this time of year it’s important to help dogs cope with the trauma of fireworks and classical music really can help to soothe them,” TV show host, veterinary surgeon, and writer Rory Cowlam, known as Rory the Vet, said. “The Classical for Dogs playlist on Amazon music is an ideal tool. It works for me too!”

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