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YouTuber Dom Esposito Talks the Why, What, and How of His Digital Twin (Video)

Dom Esposito has been a top YouTube tech reviewer for more than a decade. Earlier this year, he worked with virtual human technology provider Hour One to create a digital twin. His experience was driven in part by his interest in conducting a closer review of the technology. It was also motivated by an interest in learning how he could use the virtual clone as a creator.

I asked Dom to join me at the Synthedia conference in September to discuss everything from the process of creating the virtual clone to his motivation for doing it. You can view the interview in its entirely in the video above.

Virtual Human Use Cases

Most virtual human use case discussions focus on enterprise applications such as replacing an office receptionist, customer service representative, or newscaster. However, there is growing interest in digital twins for celebrities that want to connect with fans at scale. A digital twin can engage with fans and offer entirely new experiences without consuming their scarcest resource, time. Dom Esposito’s use case is different, even though his motivation is similar. His business is content creation. He is thinking about how he can more efficiently create content that will be valued by his audience. He commented earlier:

When I published my video, one of my creator friends said if they could do this and not have to be on camera all the time, that would be fantastic. I think the creator space is somewhere this could be used a lot. I’m all for making my life easier. Time is the one thing you can never get back. I’m excited for all the opportunities this brings, not only with the avatar but with everything in the future virtual beings will bring.

More Videos on Synthetic Media

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