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What is Synthetic Media and How Does it Impact You – New Event and Newsletter

You may have noticed that Voicebot has written a lot of stories over the years about synthetic voices, virtual humans, interactive robots, and more esoteric topics such as deepfakes and GPT-3. In fact, you can read more than 160 articles chronicling the rise of these technologies in customer adoption, technology advances, and funding rounds. Many of these articles were seemingly just about disparate technologies. However, it is hard to miss that they are often used in concert. This is because they are part of a single new technology market called synthetic media.

This term has been around for some time but applied inconsistently and never comprehensively. Voicebot is changing that with our synthetic media news coverage, a daily newsletter, a new report on the space, and a free online event coming up in September called Synthedia. I want to invite you to join us at the event that is taking place in less than three weeks.


Synthetic Media Trends, Demos, and Use Cases

The event will include speakers from many leading companies in the industry including Soul Machines, Hour One, Nvidia, Skilled Creative, Respeecher, and more. Overall, we will cover synthetic media examples across the four key segments: video, audio, images, and text. Oftentimes, we will be talking about the combination of two or more of these technologies (N.B. you can read more about our thesis on this topic here: Welcome to Synthedia). You can learn more about the speakers and the program on the registration page.

  • Event: Synthedia 1
  • Topic Focus: Synthetic Media
  • Date: September 14, 2022
  • Time: 12 noon – 3 pm EDT

A Large Market Aligned with Conversational AI

Almost everyone has encountered an example of synthetic media. Digital Jack Nicklaus from Soul Machines, the Queen of England giving a fake Christmas address, Andy Warhol’s or Val Kilmer’s voice clones in recent documentaries, a short story written by GPT-3, a TikTok green screen artwork, and a 3D avatar from Ready Player Me that resembles a gamer are all recent examples. Billions of dollars are being invested in synthetic media today, and it is transforming the media creation landscape. The most prominent examples are in entertainment, followed by gaming. However, it is quickly seeping into all corners of content creation.

Synthetic media is also often combined with conversational AI technology. Without a doubt, synthetic voices are well within the conversational AI tech stack. Virtual humans are also using synthetic voices and often sophisticated dialog engines. GPT-3 interprets a natural language input to generates a natural language output. All of these technologies have their own niche. They are simply more impactful when combined. And the synthetic media industry needs conversation designers and developers to make their solutions even more realistic.

Join Us

If you read Voicebot for synthetic media or more general AI and web3 stories, Synthedia is an obvious match for your interests. If you are here for conversational AI stories, this is a market you should become conversant about. Hope to see you join us in a couple of weeks. Register to attend live or get access to the video afterward. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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