Taco Bell Metaverse

Taco Bell Hosts Contest for 1st Metaverse Wedding in Decentraland

Taco Bell will host a wedding this fall in the metaverse. The restaurant chain is hosting a contest through Sept. 6 for interested couples and will choose one pair for a full, legal wedding experience in Decentraland’s digital universe and streamed live online.

Taco Bell Metaverse Weddings

The virtual wedding sounds ideal for a couple who love Taco Bell and the metaverse as much as each other. The winning couple will get a chance to design their wedding attire with a professional designer and pick what Taco Bell calls a “notable officiant” to conduct and make the wedding legal. The couple’s avatars will wed in the Decentraland Cantina in a space open to any Decentraland visitors and live streamed online. Following the ceremony, Taco Bell will host a private reception for the couple and those they send an NFT invitation to will have a virtual reception. The restaurant chain promises music, dancing, toasts, and all the other traditional aspects of a wedding, along with a less traditional video game-style quest in honor of the couple. The wedding is far from Taco Bell’s first nuptials, though the digital venue is new. The Taco Bell Las Vegas Cantina wedding chapel opened five years ago and joined 777 couples in matrimony. Judging from how Taco Bell sold out its taco NFTs in 2021 in half an hour, there’s a lot of metaverse interest in the brand as it is.

“We’re always looking for new ways to meet our fans where they already are and provide them with signature Taco Bell experiences… even when that’s in the metaverse,” Taco Bell Chief Brand Officer Sean Tresvant said. “By bringing the metaverse wedding to life and adding layers of the brand’s Live Más mentality, the couple and attendees will be able to up the ante on their love for each other and the brand they love too. In the age of swiping for love, Taco Bell’s metaverse wedding will allow one couple to take part in the voyage of what may well be the next evolution of modern love – and we’re proud to be leading the charge.”

Couples interested in competing for a Taco Bell metaverse wedding just have to fill in a form and send in a video detailing their story and why they want to get married in a Taco Bell-themed metaverse. They can then promote their videos on social media with the hashtag #TacoBellMetaverseWeddingContest. The Decentraland Cantina will remain after the wedding as a new arena for Taco Bell’s branded content, though not necessarily for weddings immediately.


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