Netflix Metaverse Gray Man

Netflix Builds a Metaverse Maze to Promote ‘The Gray Man’ Film

Netflix has turned to the metaverse to promote its upcoming film, “The Gray Man.” The streaming giant worked with metaverse platform Decentraland to design and build a maze for digital avatars to explore using knowledge of the movie and its stars, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, the latest example of how the virtual worlds of the metaverse are becoming a mainstream element of marketing and entertainment.

Metaverse Maze

Netflix and Decentraland collaborated with creative agency The Electric Factory to work out the actual programming of the maze, which takes up 45 parcels of virtual space on Decentraland. Ryan Gosling’s voice explains how to travel through the labyrinth, which replicates a science from the film. Answering questions about the movie lets visitors travel deeper until they find the USB stick the characters in the film are looking for right in the center. Completing the maze and unlocking the secret room earns virtual outfits for the avatar, including the mustache worn by Chris Evans in the film  referred to as “Lloyd’s Trash Stache.” The idea is to simultaneously get Decentralnad visitors to get interested in watching the movie while attracting fans of the film to explore this piece of the metaverse.

“To be the best agent in the world, you have to be the best agent in the metaverse,” Decentraland wrote in announcing the promotion. “Your mission: find the fountain in the maze and retrieve the USB with classified information, then get to the secret room to check your personal time and collect your rewards. This mission will test your knowledge about The Gray Man, so only the ones who have their intel fresh will become the best agents of the metaverse.”

Netflix joins brands like Nike and Coca-Cola in picking Decentraland, which has also hosted events like Metaverse Fashion Week and the first metaverse marathon earlier this year. MTV made Best Metaverse Performance a category at this year’s Video Music Awards this year, while Spotify bought a whole metaverse island to showcase music. Restaurant chain Planet Hollywood is creating a virtual celebration of its namesake with Meta Hollywood in The Sandbox metaverse, and “The Gray Man” is likely only the tip of the advertising in movies likely to appear in the metaverse in the near future.


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