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Jaguar Land Rover Embeds First Offline what3words Voice Navigation

Jaguar Land Rover has begun augmenting its vehicles with linguistic navigation service what3words. The carmaker is embedding the first version of what3words to find and plot directions without a cloud connection in new cars and using software over-the-air (SOTA) updates to do the same for those already on the road.

Jaguar Landrover what3words

Drivers of Jaguar Landrover cars will be able to use what3words’ software to plot directions to any of the 10-foot squares into which what3words has divided the world and tagged with three-word addresses. Though what3words is a feature in other cars, this is the first time it will run even without an internet connection or GPS access. The driver can input the appropriate what3words address into any of the company’s vehicles equipped with a Pivi Pro infotainment system by typing or using the car’s voice assistant. The new arrangement expands the existing partnership between what3words and Jaguar Land Rover. They worked together in 2018 to set up three-word addresses on the island of Mull in Scotland to help health organizations get where they are needed more quickly.

“This world-changing technology is all about simplification, providing our customers with a seamless modern luxury experience that means they can find their way anywhere in the world without having to worry about connectivity,” Jaguar Land Rover navigation product owner for digital product platforms Mark Carter said. “The partnership with what3words further highlights our world-leading SOTA capability which allows us to offer services that are always on and always connected.”

Navigating the Future

what3words has been expanding its automotive portfolio since launching a voice-based API with Speechmatics in 2020. Carmakers like Mercedes-Benz and Ford have deals with the startup, and Lamborghini became the first to incorporate the technology as part of the Alexa system already integrated into its Huracán line of cars. Domino’s Pizza recently began using what3words for deliveries, offering franchisees the option to include a what3words address field in their digital ordering system. The navigation tool is also an independent iOS and Android app able to communicate in 50 languages.

“Voice input is a challenge, which is why there’s a lot of interest,” what3words CMO Giles Rhys Jones told Voicebot in an interview last year. “Specifically around auto, we give a much better user experience. Voice gets it wrong quite often, but what3words makes it incredibly accurate.”

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