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Domino’s Pizza Adds what3words Address Option to Online Orders

Domino’s Pizza has struck a deal with language-based navigation platform what3words to ensure deliveries with pinpoint accuracy.The pizza chain giant will augment the Global Online Ordering (GOLO) platform for international franchisees with an optional what3words address field during checkout to boost delivery speed and precision.

Precision Pizza

what3words divides the world into 10-foot squares, each identified by a unique combination of three words. People can determine where they are and where they are going to a precise level using those three words. The idea is that a 10-foot square destination mapped onto the globe will ensure pizzas arrive at the right entrance of the right address, whether that’s within an apartment building or the English basement side door. Drivers using the unique three-word combo of their destination should get there faster and with far less of a chance to get lost by missing or misreading road signs, according to what3words. The estimated time of arrival shared when an order is placed also becomes more accurate because drivers will spend less time puzzling over urban sidestreets or rural roads. Domino’s and what3words ran pilot tests in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and most of North America before the wider rollout this week.

The what3words integration is only Domino’s latest experiment with precision pizza delivery. Online orders can be set to for delivery to outdoor ‘hotspots’ like parks and beaches. Domino’s delivers to the chosen public location and customers give permission for them to track their phone location to find where they are. The appeal of the hotspots is obvious, especially if an outdoor celebration runs out of food. But, as one prescient observer noted when Domino’s announced the hotspots almost four years ago, it seemed “silly” not to reach out to what3words.

Hotspots to Words

what3words began its partnership with Domino’s a few years ago, but the general release comes as the navigation startup is accelerating deployment. Lamborghini recently began embedding the what3words platform into its Huracán line of cars as part of the already integrated Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The voice app will enable drivers to set their navigation using the three-word addresses like a standard Alexa skill, albeit one only available in Huracáns. The word combination avoids confusing the voice navigation with imprecise speech or widely separated similar addresses. The startup has been working on similar features for other carmakers as well. Setting on the Domino’s delivery system could mark a huge jump in user numbers or at least recognition of the what3words model thanks to the sheer ubiquity of Domino’s stores.

“Wherever you live, hot pizza is so much better than cold pizza because the driver got lost finding your door,” what3words CEO Chris Sheldrick said. “It’s really important that customers receive their order in good time, and drivers should be able to navigate to their destination with ease. We’re so excited to globally roll-out what3words to Domino’s international franchisees and customers.”


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