Google Assistant Now Reports Fitbit Stats

Google’s slow integration of Fitbit into its smart device ecosystem took another step forward with the new option to ask the voice assistant for Fitbit and Google Fit statistics. connection to the voice assistant. Users can ask Google Assistant for the fitness numbers on any of their devices once the accounts are linked.

Assisting Fitness

To link Google Assistant with Google Fit and Fitbit requires going to the Activity page in the Wellness section of the voice assistant’s settings. Both Google Fit and Fitbit can be paired to Google Assistant, but users can activate only one service at a time. Either can also be disconnected from the account. Once in place, Google Assistant will answer questions about steps taken, heart rate, exercise zone and calories burned, and related fitness numbers. Google Nest Hub smart displays and the Assistant mobile app will both pull up those numbers as a data card with an icon and the source of the information.

A major Fitbit update last summer gave Google Assistant a speaking voice on the Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense smartwatches for the first time. That update came over half a year after the voice assistant first became available on those smartwatches, and made Alexa give audible responses on those same devices. Fitbit’s slow-moving connection with Google Assistant has been a common facet since Google bought the company for $1.2 billion in 2019, but the text-only element was surprising since both watches launched with small speakers clearly designed for the voice assistant to speak through. That said, Google has already promised an accelerated timetable for integration this year, including connecting Fitbit to the Pixel Watch in the fall and melding the Nest Hub’s Sleep Sensing tech with the Fitbit Premium subscription service.

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