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Instreamatic Debuts Speaky Voice AI Feedback and Analytics Marketing Service

Interactive audio ad platform Instreamatic has introduced a new real-time voice feedback and marketing analytics platform called Speaky. Companies can place Speaky buttons on any website, social media, or email and customers can share audio feedback that Instreamatic’s voice AI will immediately transcribe and analyze for useful informational and emotional data.

Speaky Instreamatic

Speaky extends Instreamatic’s interactive audio advertising platform to the customer relations side of marketing. Customer encountering a Speaky button in an email, social media or website can send an audio message with their feedback to the company. The message passes through Intreamatic’s voice AI where it is transcribed and annotated. A real-time report on what the customer said, including the sentiment behind the words, gets forwarded to the brand for them to apply when improving their services.

“Consumers expect communication with brands to be a two-way street, but many struggle to be heard – hampering the brand experience,” Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy said.“Speaky offers customers an unprecedented way to say exactly what they want to say right in that moment, say it quickly, say it memorably, and say it in their own voice. Brands using Speaky can unlock these customer sentiments, which are richer, more emotional, and more useful to a brand than legacy outmoded approaches like comment cards or questionnaires. With unprecedented qualitative data immediately processed by our voice AI capabilities, brands can connect to customers like never before. Brands across industries can now apply Speaky to their own use cases, and start listening.”

Direct Voices

Interactive audio ad platform Instreamatic announced a $6.1 million Series A funding round led by Progress Ventures. The funding, which also included Google Assistant Investments and Accomplice as investors, will go toward scaling the business and adding more features as interest in ads you can talk to begins to surge.

Talking Ads

Speaky represents a new service for Instreamatic, which has been known mainly for providing a platform for advertisers to set up interactive audio ads on streaming services. The ad offers additional information or savings on a brand and listeners can say if they want to know more or not. The questions can be set to be more creative, asking if the listener is hungry, or using the response to start a custom playlist of songs. The resulting data, including the tone of the listener, is collected and analyzed so the brand can develop better ads and the AI can improve how well it understands what people are saying. Once the user talks to the ad, the tech’s continuous dialogue will note and remember the conversation to customize ads in the future. The company’s success with the ads netted a $6.1 million funding round about a year ago.

The concept behind Speaky is that vocal feedback is more honest and immediate than the standard written feedback, not to mention three times faster, according to Instreamatic. Sending a voice message this way is also more efficient for customers than dialing a customer support call center. The platform also requires minimal setup for the companies implementing Speaky. There’s no software integration, just an account to link the buttons and audio messages to the right Instreamatic client. All of the transcripts and reports are available on an online dashboard for the brands. Instreamatic already counts major brands like Ikea, Pedigree and Infiniti as Speaky users, with more in the pipeline.

“Speaky is the first voice technology that enables many-to-one communication. Messengers and social media only offer one-to-one and one-to-many communication channels,” Tushinskiy said. “With Speaky, brands can hear their customers and get actionable insights based on what the majority of their customers are saying – literally.”


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