Instreamatic Expanding Interactive Audio Ad Platform to Salem Media Group

Interactive audio ad platform developer Instreamatic suddenly has a much longer list of potential clients thanks to a new partnership with Salem Media Group. The arrangement offers Instreamatic’s technology to the advertisers on Salem’s multimedia distribution service.

Instreamatic Extension

Instreamatic’s platform allows advertisers to set up a dialogue with people listening to the ad on a digital audio app. The AI within the ad might offer more information about a product and listeners can accept or decline the offer. All of the data is then tracked and analyzed to craft better advertising and improve how well the AI understands what people are saying. According to a case study by Instreamatic, 40% of people who hear an interactive ad respond to it in some way and even when these ads represented only 1% of ad impressions, they generated 10% of the total revenue from digital audio.

“Instreamatic’s voice dialogue advertising is a compelling innovation that provides inviting possibilities for our advertisers and listeners alike,” Salem Media Group vice president of digital broadcast Jamie Cohen in a statement. “We’re excited to be partnering with Instreamatic, and to introduce dialogue advertising experiences across our audio media properties.”

The potential of Instreamatic’s technology led to Salem’s interest in striking a deal. Salem Media Group encompasses book publishing, websites and other media, with the ads created on Instreamatic’s platform most likely to appear on the Salem Web Network, which offers audio content to millions of people via the company’s apps. The digital library builds off of the syndicated programs sold by the Salem Radio Network to around 2,700 affiliates and the 115 radio stations owned by the parent company. The partnership with Instreamatic fits with Salem’s recent spate of digital media acquisition.

Talking Back to Ads Gets More Popular

Instreamatic’s technology has attracted other partners this year. In April, Pandora started using Instreamatic’s platform to provide interactive audio ads on a limited basis. Then in September, Instreamatic reached an agreement with digital ad network provider AirKast, followed not long after by a similar deal with streaming technology provider SurferNETWORK. Salem represents a large pool of advertisers and listeners, but Instreamatic is trying to appeal to the streaming audio world as a whole.

It isn’t without competition either. NPR experimented with interactive audio ads using XAPPmedia way starting more than five years ago. More recently, Spotify began running interactive audio ads for Unilever’s AXE brand through its streaming service. Similar ideas have been tested by Target, which set up a way for Google Assistant users to ask for coupons. Google Assistant carried out its own foray into the space when it started inserting sponsored ads to some of the questions it gets asked.


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