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Spotify Rebrands Greenroom Social Audio as Spotify Live, Adds Livestream to Main App

Spotify has renamed its Greenroom social audio service as Spotify Live. The live stream of those shows are now available on the main Spotify app, with the Spotify Live stand-alone app handling the interactive aspects of the live audio experiences.

Spotify Live

The Spotify Live stand-alone app works much like Greenroom did. Users can tune into live shows and events, with a chance to get on the stage if invited and to chat by text with others on the app. The audio will also now be accessible from the main Spotify app as a live stream function alongside Spotify’s other offerings, though without the ability to participate offered by the Spotify Live app. The page of the creator or musical artist hosting the live event will include a button for tuning into any show they are running at the moment. Not all Spotify Live content will be accessible on the Spotify app right away, and the company will be picking and choosing which artists live stream on both, though the independent content creators on Spotify Live will still be accessible on the stand-alone app.

“When we launched Spotify Greenroom in 2021, we wanted to connect fans and creators on a deeper level through live listening in the Spotify ecosystem,” Spotify explained in a blog post. “Now, as our audio offerings continue to evolve, we are changing the name of Greenroom to Spotify Live—and bringing its live capabilities directly onto the Spotify app. This change reflects our belief in the future of live-audio creators and live experiences being provided to all 406 million Spotify listeners around the globe.”

Social Audio Performance

Spotify’s interest in boosting existing performers and artists with live social audio has been part of its strategy since it purchased Greenroom. Making the shows available on the main app, even if only in a passive form, will likely boost listening numbers significantly. The music and performance-centered social audio is something that Clubhouse and others in the space have rapidly gotten on board with. Clubhouse’s Music Mode’s improved audio quality and Spatial Audio’s mimicking of live events are a direct bid for the market, as is Discord’s Stage Channels Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms and Amazon’s new Amp social audio app. All of them are starting to function more like Stationhead, a social audio app for anyone to make their own radio program. Stationhead, run by recording artist Ryan Star has published DJs with more than 200,000 concurrent listeners.


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